Be inspired

Finding the right lamp for your living room, bedroom or the hallway isn't always easy.
Here is inspiration with pictures from peoples home, that can help you find the perfect lamp for your home.

Let yourself be inspired by environmental photos with focus on SANDSTEN lamps!

A harmonious home close to nature

Hanna has chosen to decorate her apartment with the ceiling and floor lamp from the Smarholmen series, as well as the table lamp Sandlyckan. The lamps fit perfectly in this beautiful home.

Stylish living room
with beautiful Smarholmen
in the ceiling


The lamp is as made for Annie's fantastic living room.

This beautiful lamp comes in both black and gold. Its eight frosted glasses create a pompous feeling in the sky.


Simple and elegant at Josefin's home

Sturöd ceiling light fits perfectly in Josefin's classy kitchen that goes in a very well-matched greyscale.

How nice does Sturöd look with this fancy ceiling decoration?


Romantic and elegant with Gottskär at Angelica's home

There's been a need for a lift here and this lamp has everything I need. Gold and frosted glass cups can't be wrong either!

// Angelica

At Rim's, it is matched with SANDSTEN lamps from floor to ceiling

At Rim's you will find wonderful pink tones, marble and light gray - an amazing combination with lamps from SANDSTEN.


Bright and serene with details in gold

At Ida's house, it is decorated with several lamps from SANDSTEN. The lamps in gold become very nice details together with all other elegant interiors at Ida.

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